Empty Eyes

by Molly Wilkinson

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Molly Wilkinson's debut album.


released October 31, 2014

All songs written and performed by Molly Wilkinson 2014 (c)
All songs recorded and produced by Louis Davy for Papillon Sounds



all rights reserved


Molly Wilkinson Kirkby Lonsdale, UK

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Track Name: Valentine
Hello my valentine, how is life steaming on on the other side of the hill?
As much as I would like to write, a song how we're as tight is knots in string, is it real?
I've been increasingly aware that we are falling apart quicker than trees fall.

Hello my romance, have you been chasing after other pretty girls, while I've been gone?
I know it's hard to pull through, when the rope slips through fingers like sand does, with all we do.
I've been increasingly aware that we are splitting our fragile hearts in two.

I will search, far and wide, land and tide, low and high, laugh and cry or live and die my friend, until I find my valentine, once again.

Hello secret lover, you been sending letters to another house, that isn't mine?
Hey there my friend, if you're catching the next train to far away, well that's not fine.
And recently I've felt you're running away faster than a horse can.

Hello there horse rider, let me sit on your saddle and grab your waist, and hold you tight.
Hey there brave soldier, will you guard me throughout when the bombs fall, will you fight?
I've been avoiding this one ever since the first song I wrote to you.

Track Name: Empty Eyes
Strangers took the place we love, and cut it down.
and I can see how we got here

But if we're scared of death, but scared of living,
our minds are weak and our hearts are colder,
by every man we watch falter.
Our numbers are small, time is thinning,
the people we love are slowly dying,
and the streets are lined with soldiers of the devil.

Show me a picture, a window to clear skies,
Cause I see mindless killing and empty eyes

There'll be one man left, sour and crooked,
by the fear in his eyes, cause no one took it,
away, in time to save him.
And he'll curl in the corner, of the old crumbling cellar,
that used to belong to a family if ever he could find,
a way to cure them.


Their bodies are yet to learn their warmth can't be found


Our numbers are small, time is thinning,
the people we love are slowing dying,
and the streets are lined with soldiers and empty eyes
Track Name: Listen to the Rain
My trust is fractured,
My head is weakened,
My heart is warier of the damage that people do,
I won't be foolish,
But you must be patient,
I know your eyes are telling me that I can trust you

I crossed a river, I walked the bridge that held up a broken kind of love,
And to my left a misty cave, where I hid and I shed my skin.
As I slept a cloud of bats settled on me,
They pinched my arms, pulled my clothes and dragged me out into the open.

You hold my gaze,
I said I wouldn't fade,
Away from the clutches of a comfortable silence,
Your eyes mysterious,
Your lips are tender,
But your soul is rich and thats what makes plentiful,

You took my hand, knotted our fingers, you hooked my attention, you stole my mind,

And you unlocked the fragile cage of me, and now you're wondering inside of me, just lie and listen to the rain with me,
But I promised I wouldn't fall again, I'd hold my head up high and then, you came around the bend,

But yuu're sweet and kind,
You're a lucky find,
You're a treasure amongst the cold stones that have been thrown at me,
Your laugh is sweet,
And your company's my treat,
Your room is our fortress of a place I love to linger,

My trust is fractured,
My head is weakened,
My heart is warier of the damage that people do,
I won't be foolish,
But you must be patient,
I know your eyes are telling me that I can trust you
Track Name: I Know
Deep in a hole in ground past the earth as it moves with the rain,
thats where my heart lies.
I've sunk so low a I know, I know.
And you can dig deep,
You can drag the stones out.
You can think big,
And call my name out,
But its all the same and I know, I know.

But I need a friend, I can't hold a love, can't take it again, you're more than just a sex drive,
A hard time,
And I know that it would go, I need what we have, but love ain't set in stone and I know, I know, I know.
I can't lose someone who makes me smile,
To a game that ties you up,
And brings you up,
then takes you down, I know, I know.

But I never lied to you, I meant everything I said,
I would never take it back, I can't express whats in my head.
I tried to take it down, my barrier to love,
I tried to shake it out, but I wasn't strong enough and I know, I know, I know.

I know this is what you need,
You don't want me,
You don't need me,
I'm a useless soul for romance, I'm a fire across the trees and I know, I know.

I can't drag it out,
It's pointless I can't breath,
I'm a broken radio and my speakers cannot speak,
I'm a useless soul for love and I know, I know.

And way past your eyes I can see your frustration in me,
Thats where my guilt lies,
And I know, I know, I know X3
Track Name: Howl for Me
Scarce is my heart these days,
I don't feel, I don't try to feel,
The ones who say they'd care,
Are ghosts now, they don't howl for me.

And slowly my mind fades,
I don't know, what I did wrong here,
Tore off the curtain rail,
The light floods, over me.

And I see what it really bottles down to,
And hurt me, maybe then I'll try to feel again.

The chains that bind my feet,
restrict me, fall down they cry,
Give me someone new,
To fix me, to break the bonds that,

I see, theres no comfort in alone,
It hurts me, they said that you'd be here,

To fend for me,
I'll lie here on my own,
Till you hear me,
I give up trying for nothing sets me free.

Oh and walk down the empty hallway,
The photographs of friends hang there,
Watch them fall and shatter,
As you pass them, scraping paint off the walls.
Track Name: Tumbling Down
Like the cogs in my mind,
I keep turning back to you,
I'd like to think they'd fall in place,

Will you help me find them,
As I always run back to you,
The gears that shift my happy face.

I don't know how to climb down,
Or maybe I'm just scared I'll fall and hit my head,
Like standing on the peak of a mountain,
With the fear of tumbling down.

I've written more words,
trying to learn this than trying to sleep,
I know I'm foolish and naive.

But its not easy to say,
I don't mind living on my own,
because I know that I still need you,


Just don’t let go of me,
Your hands are the strongest of them all,
And I can't pull myself up on my own anymore.


With the fear of tumbling down.
Track Name: Dust
Built a bridge over cracks in our hearts,
Happy to hold up the path for each other,
And when our arms felt tired we pushed on through together,
Catching rocks that would fall down with our feet,


But our hearts fell silent for a time not days ago,
Squeezed them tight to find the words to show,
That our hands still fit, they’ve just stiffened,
Around a stone in the tracks our journeys given.

But I don’t believe it can’t be moved,
I don’t believe our sore eyes can’t be soothed,
I refuse to think that it’s all over,
And I miss the days we fell about like kids,
We played the roles of girls in love,
So take our scars and burns away,
Before we turn to dust, to dust.

And I know I love you, I want to fix our story,
I just panicked at the scars on my hands,
But now I’ve rested, I’m clean and ready to believe,
That our bodies can entwine once again,

Cause I don’t believe it cannot mend,
I don’t believe we’re about to face the end,
I refuse to think that it’s all over,
And I miss the way you held me in your arms,
The way you felt against my skin,
So take us away from this place,
Before we turn to dust, to dust.


And your heart is still my home sweet home,
Your mind is still the world I’ll always roam,
Your voice will still send me to sleep,
And my life is still something we can share,
What we have between us is rare,
So change the voices in our heads,
Before we turn to dust, to dust, to dust.
Track Name: I'm Fine
Your hands are ice on my skin,
Don't stop there, don’t stop there,
You hide in your broken shell,
Don't wait for it, don't be the ghost.

You stand close, stand closer,
touch my lips, hold my waist,
The light falls, on your face,
Don't squint just, let your eyes embrace,
For all you know you could fall in place.

My minds alive with troubles again,
And I know you're shy and I'm just pushing time,
But if I roll into your heart with ease,
I know you'd rap your arms tight around your knees,

And say I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine X2

I’m fine.

We say its, hard to trust,
They bite our necks, we bite the dust,
I've fallen, I've hurt myself,
I can't let you in, I want to let you in,
The road I see twists into the grey,


You, you can't hold my head up, if yours is weak.
And I can't ask you to be there for me,
When your hands are cold, and my fire is bleak,
But please don't worry, I'll be ok, you'll see.

Cause I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine X4